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TR Com Services Inc. - Supplies Telephone Equipment, Softphones, VoiP Services to Connect , Integrate and Support Voice  Requirements of Businesses

Unique full-spectrum of Telecom technical expertise

Unique full spectrum of Business Telecom technical expertise

Telecom Equipment Solutions

VoiP Solutions

TR Com Services Inc. supplies and services New Avaya Telephone Equipment and Legacy Nortel Norstar Equipment

TR Com Services Inc. supplies VoiP products and services to integrate with today's ever changing techology.

DID Phone Numbers, Toll Free Phone Numbers, Number Porting

TR Com Services Inc. supplies DID, toll free numbers and handles your number porting issues.

Telecom, VoiP, Phone numbers
Universal access to communication with any device
Telecom Equipment Solutions
VoiP Solutions
DID, Toll Free Numbers, Number Porting
Universal access to communications from any device
Cloud Based Access to Business Telecommunications

Telecom Equipment Solutions

VoiP Solutions

DID, Toll Free, Number Porting

Helping you find the right Telecom Solution.

Whether you're looking for a new Premise base phone system or a VoiP alternative we can provide a solution. The options don't end there. We provide products and services to solve many issues including porting your phone number or adding a Toll free number.


Avaya IP Office premise equipment
TRiP VoiP Solutions , Voice over IP

Telecom partner with a shared vision.

Please ask us what kind of solution you are looking for. We supply new Hybrid technology phone equipment solutions as well as legacy equipment. If its a paging system problem or something as simple as a bad telephone jack, we can help.


Please ask us about  the VoiP world. If it is right for you or not right for you. You will be pleased with what the answer will be.

Clients often have porting issues with their present numbers when they are moving. Call us to discuss, you will be pleased to find out what we can do.


Clients often ask, "Can you get us a Toll free number?" Yes and we can point it to any number you wish.

"Can you get me a DID Phone number in another city in Canada?"  Yes, we can. Please inquire.


Please call us and ask the question, there is a good chance we will have your answer.

7807017576 or email at

TR Com Services Inc. Business Telephone and Telephony Solutions
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