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TR Com Services Inc.

We are 100% Alberta Owned and operated telecom service provider in Edmonton since 2000. We provide a unique, full spectrum of technical expertise. We take pride in our personalized, client-centric culture and tailored solutions to YOUR business needs.

  • National Coverage with Strategic Alliance Partners


When you need us, YOU WILL NOT BE DIRECTED TO A CALL CENTRE! You will have direct access to a technician.

TR Com Services Inc. is registered with the CRTC as a reseller of VoiP (Voice over IP) Services.




​We supply Equipment , Software and Services to Connect , Integrate and Support Voice Requirements of Businesses.

TR Com Services Inc. has a great understanding of how customer premise equipment (CPE) and  wiring from the demarcation was installed by the Telco's from the 1970's to present. As time goes by standards change and these customer premise equipment and wiring procedures have changed, we have to keep up to date with change.

Along with these changes in technology the Telco's have made their networks better to adapt to the kind of voice/data traffic that is happening. VoiP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has changed the way we communicate but it is not for everyone and therefore we have to be able to accomodate the needs and wants of clients in the legacy world and clients in the present world of voice communications.

TR Com Services Inc. has built its business on customer relationships. We get to  know a  about client's business and work with them to deliver the best solution available.

TR Com Services Inc. is committed to this business systems relationship and realizes that this is a very important investment and business decision.  We are committed to increasing your productivity and functional capabilities with the products and services that are provided.

TR Com Services Inc. is excited to be able to propose a solution to your company and look forward to becoming a partner in technology with you.


Experienced technicians
Softphones for the desktop and mobile devices, Voice over IP VoiP softphones
Avaya Conference Phones
TR Com Services Inc. Business Telephone and Telephony Solutions
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